The Meredith Fund Family Festival

Meredith alumnae, families, students, children and friends gathered on Thursday, September 23 for The Meredith Fund Family Festival. It was a fun-filled night complete with music, activities, face painting, bounce houses, and special guests such as Stormy, the Carolina Hurricane’s mascot, and Mr. and Mrs. Wuf, NC State’s mascots. Student groups, the Bathtub Ring and the Oddballs entertained the crowd of over 350 people.  The evening culminated in a wonderful show of fireworks over the new soccer field and a ‘grab and go’ candy bar at the exit.

The event was held to kick off the new initiative to raise $1,000,000 in The Meredith Fund by increasing our alumnae giving percentage to 23%. If 23% of alumnae give just $20 a month we would be able to raise $1,000,000 in The Meredith Fund! When alumnae support the college and encourage other alumnae to do the same, they are strengthening Meredith’s reputation and providing for future students, all while increasing the value of their degree.

To view and order additional pictures from the event please visit, click on Meredith Fund Family Festival and enter the password ‘MEREDITH’.

Thanks so much to everyone who came; we hope that you all had a great time!   We hope to see you back on campus very soon!

-Jane Mitchell, Director of The Meredith Fund

Photo of the Week

The year is 1926, and the new Johnson Hall is visible at the end of the long, unpaved driveway. Construction began in the fall of 1924, and the College moved from downtown Raleigh to its current location in January of 1926. The original quadrangle contained six brick buildings of Georgian architecture: four dormitories, Belk Dining Hall, and Johnson Hall. Three temporary wooden buildings east of the quadrangle were used as classrooms and auditorium, and in 1928 a temporary wooden gymnasium was added.

Photo of the Week

Each Monday we will be teaming up with Martha Fonville in the Meredith College Archives to bring you a Photo of the Week.  We hope that you will all enjoy this look into our past.

These unidentified students from the 1950s add the finishing touches to their dorm room with matching curtains and bedspreads.

Welcome to Beyond the Back Gate!

Today we are proud to announce the launching of our brand new Meredith College Alumnae blog, Beyond the Back Gate. It is our hope that this blog will make you think, laugh, and maybe even cry.  We hope that through stories, photos, and articles you will feel a renewed connection to our beloved Alma Mater.

Everyone knows that there is something special about a Meredith Alumna.  Similarly, Meredith Alumnae know that there is something special about our Meredith College.   The honest truth is that Meredith is so incredible and so remarkable that it has become a part of who we are; it is ingrained in us and has helped shape us into the women we are today.

The 2010 Commencement speaker, Gretchen Holt Witt ’89, put it best when she said, “While you’re at Meredith, it’s not just the mind that is learning, it is the soul that is also growing.  What I didn’t realize at the time was just how much Meredith was a part of me.  But now I know that although I left Meredith many years ago, it has never left me.”

So please, sit back, relax, enjoy and don’t forget to come back and check up on us.  We hope that you’ll join us as we show you what’s going on Beyond the Back Gate of Meredith College.  We are so grateful for your support, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

-Meredith Moore ’10

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