Congratulations, Class of 2012!

Below are images from last weekend’s commencement events!  We hope that you will enjoy them!  Also below is the greeting from Elizabeth Dove, president of the Meredith College Alumnae Association from last weekend’s commencement ceremony.




“I am honored to stand before you today as the President of the Meredith College Alumnae Association.  On behalf of more than 18,000 Alumnae worldwide, congratulations to the class of 2012!  Welcome to the ranks of world-class leaders, teachers, physicians, consultants, mothers, researchers, and a host of other fields too numerous to name.  Each year, our Association is renewed and rejuvenated as it welcomes the next group of alumnae to its ranks.

As Meredith women, we share a common bond.   The rigorous process through which a Meredith graduate earns her degree instills in each of us the necessary skills and stamina to meet most any challenge.  As each of you moves into your chosen professions or pursue advanced degrees, you may rest assured that Meredith College has prepared you well.

One of the outward ways we share a common bond is the Meredith onyx.  Like the never ending circle of a ring, so is your continuous bond to Meredith.  It, like your ring, symbolizes the never ending circle of support, friendship and responsibility that you have to this great institution.

As you leave Meredith, you carry the hopes and dreams of many generations of Meredith Alumnae.   On behalf of the alumnae, we give you  our collective permission to  dream!   If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re probably not big enough!  The truth is, we need you… we need your intelligence; we need your heart;, we need your courage, and we need your continued passion for Meredith.   And we need you to remember there’s no place like this big, oak lined campus you called ‘home’, if but briefly.

It is now your duty and your responsibility to give back to Meredith in the way that it has contributed to you.  You so do by giving back to the school, and to society, of your time, your training and your treasure. I ask that you use the Alumnae Association as the portal through which you stay connected to Meredith.   Give back when and where you can.  Rest assured, your alma mater  will be here… waiting to welcome you back.

Godspeed and best of luck, Class of 2012!”

– Elizabeth Dove, ’84, President, Meredith College Alumnae Association

Meredith College Young Alumnae Board Openings

Are you a Meredith College Alumna from the Class of 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012? Do you love Meredith College? Do you want to be more involved with your beloved alma mater? If so, please consider applying for a position on the Meredith College Young Alumnae Board! Currently, we have one open slot in the classes of 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and two open slots for 2012!
You may be asking, What is the Meredith College Young Alumnae Board? It was established to promote the active involvement of recent graduates in the life of the College. The Young Alumnae board includes members that have received degrees from Meredith within the past ten years. Through our events and volunteer opportunities, members strive to help with student recruitment, fundraising, and programming for the young alumnae community.
The Board usually meets monthly, with the term beginning in August/September and concluding in May. Meetings are held both on and off campus. Board members are required to attend 75% of all meetings. In addition, there are events that the Young Alumnae Board either assists with or organizes such as Family Pumpkin Painting, Cornhuskin, and Senior Induction. Board members are required to attend 50% of these events.
We would love for you to consider applying if this sounds like a fit for you! Please email Meredith Moody, ’10 at or call 919-760-8070 to request an application or if you have any other questions.
-Laura McNeill Cox, ’05,  Chair, Meredith College Young Alumnae Board

Photo of the Week

Members of the Class of 2012 celebrate their graduation by posing for a picture on the second story of Johnson Hall.

Onyx Spotting!

Yesterday I was flying home from a recruitment trip in Nashville, TN. On my plane ride back to Greensboro, I sat beside a lady who I had noticed earlier that morning in the airport. She was so classy, stylish and looked exactly like Jackie O. It was not two seconds into our conversation that I realized we had on friendship rings. She also had on a Meredith College Onyx. The entire plane ride home, we compared Meredith stories about the special Meredith traditions and our Meredith sisters. It is so timely that this happened the same weekend another class of angels becomes Meredith College alumnae!

-Elizabeth Lamb, ’10

Regular Reunion Weekend Registration Ends May 4th

Regular Reunion Weekend registration ends on May 4th.  In order to save on your total registration cost, please register by this date.  Any registrations received after May 4th will be charged the late registration fee of $55.
Online and phone-in registrations will close on Tuesday May 15th.  Anyone who needs to register after May 15th will be able to do so at Reunion Weekend during check-in at Johnson Hall.  The registration fee for those who sign up at Reunion Weekend will also be $55.
Should you have any additional questions or need any information about the weekend, please contact our office at 919.760.8548 or
We look forward to seeing you all back on campus very soon!

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