Join Us for Alumnae Reunion Weekend!

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The Alumnae Reunion Weekend brochure came out last week and was emailed to all of us.  The weekend of May 19-21 I will celebrate with my classmates the 45 years I have been out of college.  Or maybe I should put that another way—-I will celebrate the four years I spent at Meredith with the women who shared it with me.  We will stay in the dorm and laugh, cry and mourn those of us who are gone.  We will party in the quad and at the Player’s Retreat and help fill in each other’s memories of events that took place long ago and feel the same today.  And we will mingle with generations of Meredith women who have more in common than we realize except when we come together in that one place that binds us to each other.

Not a year goes by that I don’t dream I am moving into the dorm for a fall semester or that I am late with a term paper.  Clearly my college years held so much joy and so much fear that they are forever with me!  And the faces and names of my classmates are forever 21 in those dreams—-they never change.  We come to reunion weekend to celebrate our young lives and the wonder we all felt about what lay ahead.  It doesn’t matter to us where we have been or what we have accomplished in the meantime—-just that we are there at Meredith together again.

Please join us—The Class of 1972—and all the other 2s and 7s when we come back home this May.  I promise you it will be fun!

Claire Sullivan Slaughter, ’72
President, Meredith College Alumnae Association

Alumnae Spotlight: Emily Cochran, ’03

What was your favorite memory during your time at Meredith?

I have so many good memories. I think my favorite was the opening to Cornhuskin’ my senior year. The entire class was down in the amphitheater and we did our grand entrance and I remember thinking to myself, ‘SOAK IT IN, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MOMENT, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.’ It was so special. I still get chills!

What was your favorite tradition?

Oh goodness, again… every tradition meant so much. I loved Ring Dinner. Since I was a very little girl, I dreamt of getting my onyx. All of my babysitters had them and I thought they were so cool. Once I got to Meredith, the ring became like a badge of honor. Now, it connects me to so many alumnae! I can be anywhere and see a young or old woman with an onyx and we instantly have a moment!

 Who was your favorite Professor or what was your favorite class? Why?

I majored in Interior Design and LOVED all of my ID classes. One class that surprised me was Art History. I found it to be profoundly moving as I was exposed to pieces that I had never seen, some that have impacted me for life. I discovered one of my favorite paintings in that class. Years later, I was wandering through the Art Institute in Chicago and I saw the painting, without knowing it was there. It was a major life moment.

 What is your favorite thing about being a Meredith Alumna?

Remembering my glorious years at Meredith 😉

Tell us what you have been up to since you graduated from Meredith!

Since graduating, I have held all sorts of positions within the design world. I have managed facilities for major companies in RTP, I have designed shops at North Hills, I have designed schools for Wake County, and most recently, I have opened my own business. In November, I opened a little shop on Hillsborough Street in downtown Raleigh. It’s full of vintage furniture and fun home finds, and it serves as my studio for design projects. Thank you, Meredith, for encouraging me to live my best life!

Meredith College Raises More Than $350,000 in 24 Hours


Meredith College held its second annual Make It Count for Meredith Giving Day, one week ago, on February 28, 2017. A total of 1,799 donors contributed $356,375 during the 24-hours.

The Giving Day goal of $250,000 was met by 5 p.m., so then the focus was how far above the goal donors would push by midnight. An additional, $106,375 was raised in seven hours ending with 142% of the original goal.

Make It Count for Meredith was driven by social media and alumnae volunteers who spread the word. Donors were asked this year to honor the strong woman in their life with a gift. They were encouraged to share their photos and stories through social media to create awareness and as a way to thank the woman or group of women they were honoring.

Various matching gifts throughout the day from Meredith parents, the Alumnae Association Board of Directors, and the Young Alumnae Board helped motivated donors to give. An hour-long challenge between the Odd and Even classes showed the competitive spirit of Meredith as well, with the Evens winning by a small margin, though the Odds had the most donors for the day. By the end of the giving day challenge 84% of gifts came from alumnae.

Facebook Live broadcasts from students and alumnae kept the social media audience engaged and allowed donors to share their personal stories of the strong women they had honored and why giving to Meredith was so important.

Visit to view final totals by class and state.

The Meredith Fund, who organized the event, is thankful to all the donors who contributed and designated their gifts to make a difference.

Make It Count for Meredith Giving Day was part of Beyond Strong │The Campaign for Meredith, which has raised more than $63 million to date.

Drive Career Success Through Sponsorship

You’ve probably heard about the value of having a mentor, and likely even have one. Many women find that mentoring, while valuable and meaningful, has not necessarily removed the barriers that exist for advancement to roles at the top of organizations. Catalyst research has demonstrated that mentoring is “essential for development, yet insufficient for advancing to the senior-most levels.” What then is the key to professional advancement? Research points to a more influential professional relationship: sponsorship.

Sponsorship goes far beyond sharing professional development strategies and advice, a sponsor is an individual with significant power and influence. This is someone who has the reputation and power to recommend high-performers for critical assignments, opportunities and promotions. While a mentor talks with you, a sponsor talks about you. A sponsor is an advocate who provides access to the most influential networks within an organization and has the power to propel you forward.

Who has opened doors for you in your career? Do you have the ability to create opportunities for others? Learn more about the importance of sponsorship and how to develop these key relationships to accelerate your career on Tuesday, March 28th. The Office of Alumnae Relations, the Office of Career Planning and Catalyst are excited to present: Sponsoring Strong Women to Success. Join us to network with fellow alumnae, students, and business leaders from across the Triangle, hear from 3 Meredith alumnae about how sponsorship has influenced their career trajectories and discover strategies to move women forward in the workplace.

Sponsoring Strong Women to Success

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 | 5:30pm

Meredith College, Johnson Hall Rotunda

Register by March 24

Meet the Panelists:

Josephine Cooper ‘67

Josephine is the CEO of Josephine Cooper LLC, a public affairs consulting firm which provides crisis management, public policy and communications services to companies, associations and individuals. Prior to founding the firm in 2011, she served for almost 7 years as group vice president for public policy and government/industry affairs for Toyota North America and previously as CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.  Cooper led the public policy initiatives of Toyota and the auto industry.

Kate Breen ’01

After earning a BS in Business Administration, Kate graduated from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School with her MBA.  Breen currently lives in Atlanta, where she is a manager at ScottMadden, Inc. Her clients have spanned industries from government contractors to entertainment and within management consulting, Breen’s areas of focus include: change management strategy, service design and implementation, and operations improvement.

Angie Ramkellawan Kondub ‘14

Angie Kondub is a Senior Analyst at ScottMadden, Inc., a management consulting firm. She graduated from Meredith in 2014 with a BS in Business Administration and minors in Marketing, Human Resources and International business.

Read more about sponsorship in Catalyst’s full report, Sponsoring Women to Success. Catalyst is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization with a mission to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion.

Take advantage of your lifetime services in the Office of Career Planning and meet with a career counselor to develop a plan to accelerate your career. Contact the Office of Career Planning to schedule an appointment with a counselor at 919-760-8341.

Foust-Cummings, H., Dinofolo, S., & Kohler, J. (2011, August 17). Sponsoring Strong Women to Success (Publication No. 0-89584-319-6). Retrieved February 28, 2017, from Catalyst website:


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