Photo of the Week

Saturday Night

Meredith College students say good night to their
dates on a Saturday evening — before curfew, of course! This photo was taken
in the early 1960s.

Photo of the Week!

Student teachers in the 1960s gain experience and confidence in the classroom.

Photo of the Week!

On Saturday May 7th, the current Meredith College seniors will celebrate Class Day with their lil sis class.  The tradition will continue as the class of 2013 builds two daisy chains in honor of the class of 2011.  At 4pm the sophomores will march down the steps of McIver amphitheater dressed in white and carrying the two massive daisy chains which will later form the number eleven on the island of the amphitheater.

In this shot from 1960s, the sophomore class (class of 1968) is seen assembling the daisy chain for their big sis class.

Photo of the Week!

The 1962 Oak Leaves (held by the students on the right) seems to be a hit!

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