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1995 for 2-2-15

Students are working hard to get their summer and fall study abroad applications turned into the Study Abroad Office today! Compared to a national average of 9%, 31% of Meredith students participate in study abroad.

Pictured above is Rene Cloer while visiting a village in the Swiss Alps when she studied abroad in 1995.

Photo of the Week


The picture above comes from the 1945 Oak Leaves. Pictured are Ruth Martin, Frances Wallace, Rachel Fleming, Mary Gravely, Gloria Mayer, Mildred Hoyle, Mary G. Turner, and Imogene Granger. On Wednesday, Meredith College basketball team will play William Peace University at 7:00 PM at home. Go Avenging Angels!

Photo of the Week

girls in front of JH

Pictured above (from left to right): Mary Anne Carey, Randy Gilbert, Alice Porter, Mary Allen Pickett, Brownie Williams, Susan Derby and Carolyn Carter. We are just as happy as these Meredith women are about our students being back on campus today after a nice winter break! Happy Spring semester!

Photo of the Week

1965 Christmas

In 1965, before going home for the holidays, students attended a formal Christmas banquet held in the dining hall. Students would then be bused to the homes of faculty and administration to sing carols as shown in the photo above.

We hope that everyone has a safe and joyous holiday season! We will see you in the new year!

Photo of the Week

thanksgivingThe photo above comes from Thanksgiving Dinner in 1985. Belk Dining Hall continues to host a special Thanksgiving Dinner for students, staff and faculty complete with turkey and stuffing! This is a wonderful time for students to reflect on their fall semester before they head home for the holidays.


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