Calling all young alumnae from the class of 2012!

Calling all young alumnae from the class of 2012!

Are you interested in being more involved at your beloved Alma Mater and serving on the Meredith College Young Alumnae Board? If you are a local Raleigh area Meredith College alumna that graduated in 2012, please consider applying for our vacant spot on the Meredith College Young Alumnae Board!

The board requirements and the online version of the application can be found by following this link:

For additional information or to apply, please email Halie Sue Smith ’11 at by September 6, 2013.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

‘MC ’12’

We all know that the relationships which we form at Meredith College hold a special place in our hearts.  We’ve also seen the gallery of wedding photos on the blog and it undoubtedly brings a smile to our faces because we know that the Meredith bond is something only we can understand.  You just have to experience it.

We recently received a photo submission from a 2012 alumna that we wanted to share with you all.   It’s such a sweet story and we hope that you will enjoy!


On the first nerve-racking night of college, after the hours of move-in and the first hall meeting of Heilman’s second floor, I found myself in a moment of history.  There sat the women, the Meredith College Girls that would be with me through it all.  In that circle on my suitemate’s fuzzy pink rug, I met my best friends.  Little did we know, Whitney Windsor, Christa Key, Abigail Tester, Becca Yow, and I were in for a four-year-long ride.

And it was the ride of my life.  Together, we ‘experienced it.’  We shared the traditions of semi-formals and formals, Fire and Water, Charming Evening, Ring Dinner, Twelfth Night, Class Days, Cornhuskin’, Stunt, and more.  Our little circle has celebrated new beginnings and banned together in times of loss and disappointment.  Our friendship has had its fair share of profound moments, but it’s the ordinary moments that are the bread and butter of a sisterhood.  Like spying on each other’s first dates, weekly must-see episodes of One Tree Hill, creating the ‘Young Whoadies’, late night trips to Cook Out, and producing our own music videos.

It was during one of these ordinary moments that the idea was born.  As we sat around talking about boys we’d like to be our boyfriends and boyfriends we hoped would be more, the girls and I decided that we wanted to have something small to share for our walks down the aisle.  But I guess decided isn’t the right word, because it wasn’t decided at all.  We didn’t know what it would be, where it would go, who would have it first, or even who she would be walking towards.  The idea stuck, nonetheless, and was tucked away with our ordinary, bread and butter moments until one of those profound moments brought it back to the surface.

And that profound moment was my bridal luncheon.  Where I’d gathered all my favorite women to celebrate them, they once again reminded me just how amazing they are.  The girls surprised me with a card and a box, and as I peeled away the gift wrap and peaked inside, I discovered a sweet heart-shaped charm engraved with MC ’12 coupled with an adorable little ring.  I could not have imagined a more perfect gift, and on my wedding day, it charmed my bouquet in every sense of the word.  The doors opened, I clenched my bouquet tight, and carried the love and support of my sisters along for the ride down the aisle.  And now a newlywed typing away in my living room, I am honored to keep our little treasure safe and sound until it’s time to pass it on to another blushing bride.

-Elizabeth Alexander Green, ’12


To The Class of 2012, With Love from The Class of 1982

The following letter was written by members of the Class of 1982 to the Class of 2012 during Alumnae Reunion Weekend.  During their class meeting on Saturday afternoon, they each took the time to write their words of love, encouragement and advice to the most recent class of Meredith College alumnae.  Below you will see their thoughts and notes complied into one letter.  We hope that you will all enjoy reading these words  from the 30th anniversary class!


Dear Graduates,

Recently the Class of 1982 held their 30th reunion, and as part of their class meeting they took a few minutes for each woman to write her best advice to each of you. It does not seem like thirty years have passed since we left Meredith, and while we were probably told each tidbit we are about to share with you, it is only thirty years later that we truly see the wisdom. So, we are a bit older (definitely) and a bit wiser (hopefully). Here is or perspective thirty years later.

Make the effort to stay connected to your classmates…

  • Take time out of your life to stay in touch with your friends. Life goes so fast and you never know what tomorrow holds!
  • Stay I touch with your Meredith friends! They will become MORE and MORE important to you.
  • Work hard to stay in touch with the closest friends you made while at Meredith.
  • Always make time for your friends-keep them close!
  • Cherish your friends. Keep in touch over the years-they will always be your sisters throughout life.
  • Stay in touch! Make connections within and outside Meredith.
  • Stay in touch with your Meredith friends. Stay true to yourself-follow your dreams!
  • Cherish the wonderful friendships you have made at Meredith. These relationships will sustain you for the rest of your life. Embrace the sisterhood!
  • Truly invest in your friendships while you’re here. Because they will still be your friends in 30 years and they will remind you of things you forget.
  • Always cherish your Meredith family. They will always be there to share the joys and sorrows in your life. Live your life!
  • Treasure your friendships, making time to enjoy and nurture those very special relationships!
  • Keep in touch with your college girlfriends-They will be friends for life. Keep pictures to share at reunions.
  • Keep in touch with your Meredith friends. You will help each other through the good times and bad. Our Meredith friendships are precious!
  • Keep in touch with your friends and treasure them. These are friendships that will last you a lifetime.
  • Keep your Meredith friends close to your heart. Attend all the reunions that you can.

Follow your heart…

  • Be a sponge and absorb all the life experiences you can!
  • Stay focused and pursue your dreams, girls!
  • People tell you what they want you to hear-make decisions on people based on what they “show you” – not what they say.
  • Follow your heart; do something you love.
  • Always be true to yourself and follow your dreams.
  • Be true to yourself; speak your truth in love.
  • Find something that you are totally passionate about and do it all you can. Pour yourself into it. This passion will make life worth living at times when things aren’t going the way you want them to.
  • Do something you love-if you have a job you love, then you will never work a day in your life.
  • Always follow your passion regardless of where it might lead you.
  • You can do it all, just not at the same time. Be patient. Breathe. Enjoy every moment. Love!
  • You can’t do it all-so enjoy what you do.
  • Take advantage of any and all opportunities for adventure—jobs, travel, etc. The opportunities may never present themselves again-seize the moment!
  • “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Don’t burn bridges….

  • Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. You will never know when you will run into someone again and need something from them.
  • Be nice to everyone you meet; the people you meet on your way up are the same ones you will pass if you stumble and fall.
  • Anything you do to help someone else benefits you as much as it does the other person.
  • Continue to keep an open mind (as you’ve learned at Meredith), so that you help our society grow more inclusive and less exclusive.
  • Live, love (your fellow man), and laugh (good medicine)!
  • Hang in there; this too will pass!
  • Trust your gut and this too shall pass.
  • You don’t always have to be perfect, just perfectly honest. If people lose their trust in you, it may never be regained.
  • Never give up no matter what. Work through it because it is not impossible.
  • Mistakes happen → move on!
  • The only thing you have total control over is your attitude (and the way you approach things).
  • Don’t worry – be happy! Trust God…He is in control of all things (Romans 8:28).

Slow Down and Enjoy!

  • Don’t work too hard. When the end of your life comes nobody ever says, “I wish I’d worked more hours.” Take time to do the fun stuff.
  • Have fun!! Work hard, but find the time to play!
  • Don’t be in a hurry – appreciate everything, good and bad, because everything changes eventually, good and bad.
  • Don’t be afraid – just go for it!!! Also, this too shall pass!
  • Remember – TIME is the great equalizer.
  • Relax and breathe and laugh and enjoy each and everything. When things get hard, do the same. Do not worry about things, pray about them.

And so in closing…. Wear sunscreen, floss, be grateful, give love and mercy, and keep asking questions, and live your one, wild, precious life well every day.


The Meredith College Class of  1982

Meet Alice Jo Oliver!

August 21, 2008
Dear Journal,
When my grandmother gave me this journal for graduation and told me that just like when she was at Meredith, I would want to record all of my memories and experiences before I forgot, I accepted it graciously but thought “I’m never going to take the time to write in this”.  But here I am, one week into my college experience and I feel this overwhelming need to record all the amazing things that have happened just in this short period of time.  When my parents and I brought my first boxes of things up to my new dorm room I was overwhelmed by the brightly colored and glittery signs covering everyone’s doors with pictures of daisies and rings, teacups and angel wings.  I couldn’t help but smile when I got to my door and was greeted with a beautiful sign of my own, complete with illustrations of all the wonderful traditions yet to come, signed with love from my big sis. Just this small gesture eased some of the anxiety I was feeling about being on my own.  I’ve only been here a week and already I feel like this is home.  How strange is it that just a week ago five of us sat in the parlor homesick and missing our families?  In a way, it feels like that was just a dream and we have finally woken up amongst friends, in a place that feels comfortably like home.  Sometimes I wish I could rewind my life and go back to move-in day so that I could take it all in with the serenity I feel now.  But I guess that is part of the journey to get where I am… and where I’m going….where we are all going.
I promise to write again soon, my grandmother would be so proud!
Love Always,

November 6, 2009
My second Cornhuskin’ has gone by in a flash and it felt just as exciting as the first!  I can’t believe how many weeks we spent practicing and how I learned all those dances AND somehow remembered all the words to the Canterbury Tales at the same time!  When my mom bought me a set of pots and pans for cooking mac-and-cheese in the parlor I bet she never thought I was going to be banging them together, dressed in all black as I ran down the halls of Heilman with the rest of my class! Our theme for Cornhuskin’ was Night in the Rotunda; kind of like Night in the Museum except all the dolls come to life.  After the parade we serenaded our Big Sis class at the rotunda and even though almost everyone began to tear up, they were happy tears.   My big sis has been such a huge part of my first two years and although I’ll miss her when she leaves, I can’t wait to get a little of my own.  All my old high school friends think I’m crazy when I tell them we stayed up until 2am the night before practicing our dance to Thriller in the parking lot!  Of course, everyone here understands…further proof that this is the place I am meant to be.  Although my body may never fully recover, all of those late-night practices truly paid off….our Thriller routine was incredible!  Actually, everything about tonight was incredible.  Our song, our skit, our costumes, and winning 2nd place!  I’m not sure we’ll be able to top how amazing this year was but I can’t wait to try next fall!

October 22nd, 2010
I never understood the hundreds of pictures the classes before me would take holding up their hands to sport that shiny black ring until I put mine on tonight.   I finally carry with me a symbol of my sisters distinguishing us as an elite group of women all bound by the spirit of Meredith.  As I stepped out of the elevator onto the top floor of the Capital City Club I felt as if I had been immediately transformed into the glamorous and sophisticated women that this ring would distinguish me as. Elegant and glittering decorations only added to the magic of the night that truly become evident when we stopped to watch the firework display from the fair over the Raleigh skyline.  It truly had become a magical night at the top.  When I slid my ring from its box and onto my right hand I felt connected not only with everyone else in my class, but also with the generations of women who had come before me.  I long for the day when someone recognizes me as a Meredith woman by ring as I have heard other graduates speak of time and time again.  This ring represents everything I have worked for and everything I will become later in life; while other jewelry has and will be a gift from others and will represent different milestones in life, this ring will be with me always and forever remind me of long days spend studying under the oak trees, of giant corns parading down the front drive, of searching through bushes for a crooked stick, and of the sisterhood I share with thousands of other women.
With love always,


When we met last June to start planning we immediately agreed upon two things: her name, and that what we wanted her to represent first and foremost was how classic and timeless our class is.  We chose Alice to represent not only the Alice in Wonderland tradition that we experienced this year but also to represent all of the traditions that have been so important to our class during our time here.  Jo is, of course, in honor of our 8th president, Dr. Joe Allen.  And Oliver was chosen to celebrate our original class advisor Amanda Oliver, who led our class for three years with enthusiasm and lots of love.

As many of you know, the class doll was traditionally dressed in a white class day dress in which everyone had the same style.  At some point that tradition changed to include more current styles and lots of accessories.  We wanted to combine both the past and present in that we would represent the style of our class and our graduating year but that we would bring the tradition back to its roots.  This year was especially monumental in that Meredith welcomed our 8th President, Dr. Jo Allen.  Coinciding with Dr. Allen’s vision for the college and the theme for the inaugural ceremony, Remembering our Roots and Extending our Reach, we wanted this doll to embody our class, Dr. Allen, and the point of history that Meredith is at right now.

Like the first class dolls to be added to the cases in Johnson hall, Alice Jo Oliver is wearing a white class day dress and will be presented not with accessories and symbolic objects, but by herself.  Her only belonging besides her ensemble is her journal.  You just heard entries from her first three years at Meredith and as you might imagine, she has one more to write before we graduate that you will hear at class day.

In addition to thanking Dr. Jo Allen and Amanda Oliver for the influence and support they have had in our class, we would also like to recognize and thank Brandon Stokes and Meredith Moody for stepping in and helping our class finish out our senior year strong.  The class of 2012 exemplifies the traditions of Meredith and we hope you love Alice as much as we do.

-Christina Mendenhall and Emily Pappas, Class of 2012 Class Doll co-chairs

Alice Jo Oliver, Miss 2012

Christina Mendenhall and Emily Pappas, class doll c0-chairs
with Alice Jo Oliver

Class of 2012 Ring Dinner

“October 22, 2010 was truly “A Magical Night at the Top” for the Class of 2012. You could feel the anticipation and excitement as soon as you stepped off of the elevator and onto the twenty-first floor of the Capital City Club of Raleigh.  The view of the Raleigh skyline took my breath away as we approached our table, complete with purple, black and gold decorations which reflected the magical theme.  

Our evening began as the Ring Dinner tri-chairs welcomed us to the dinner; we could all see the excitement and satisfaction on their faces as the ceremony began.  As we all enjoyed our dinner, I looked around table number three and realized how lucky I was to be surrounded by my closest friends on this very special night.   Our 2012 Bathtub Ring served as our entertainment for the night.  While they preformed several of the traditional BTR songs, they finished up their set with a special song dedicated to our class.  Shortly thereafter, two representatives from the Young Alumnae Board presented the Ring Essay Contest winners.  Each year, the Young Alumnae Board holds an essay contest for the current junior class.  Each member of the class is invited to share an essay about what the Meredith College onyx means to them.  The first place winner of this contest, which is announced at Ring Dinner, wins a class ring!  Emily Pappas, who was also celebrating her 21st birthday, deservingly received first place in the contest.  Many of us could not hold back the tears as her poignant essay was read aloud.  Next, the Ring Week tri-chairs presented a poem to our class as we watched a slide show of images from the week leading up to our magical night. The slide show captured some of our memories from the week and reminded us of how excited we were to receive our own onyx rings. Dr. Jean Jackson was our guest speaker for the event.  She lightened the mood as she told us several stories about her experiences with her onyx.  And then… finally… it was time to slip our very own onyxes on our very own fingers.  I will never forget the moment that Dr. Jackson told us to put on our rings. I tried so hard to hold in my tears, but it was impossible.  The overflowing of emotion led to the appearance of tears in my first picture taken with my onyx.  I remember hugging all of my friends and taking pictures with what seemed like everyone in the room.  Those pictures will always mean the world to me.

Ring dinner was more than I could have ever imagined.   When I am an alumna of Meredith College, I know that I will look back on this night and remember the excitement that I shared with the class of 2012; it will be one of my most treasured memories for sure.   I have never felt so close to my Meredith sisters as I did that night; our class has grown extremely close during our time at Meredith and I am so grateful to have been a part of this timeless tradition.  I will have this ring on my right hand everyday for the rest of my life.  To me, my onyx represents my hard work and dedication during my time at Meredith. It also signifies the appreciation I feel towards the college, as well as a connection to all other Meredith graduates.”

– Christina Mendenhall , ’12

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