Photo of the Week


This week on campus you’ll find the class of 2014, rakes and flashlights in hand, in search of the infamous crook.  This year’s Crook Hunt started yesterday morning on campus.  This group of students (pictured above) was searching high and low around the Mae Grimmer Alumnae House!

The Crook Hunt was started in 1906 by Caroline Bury Phelps, a drama professor at Meredith.

Photo of the Week!

Crook Hunt is one of Meredith’s oldest and longest running traditions.  The 1934-1935 Student Handbook (shown above) was the first to publish rules, though the tradition began years earlier in 1906.  Although some of the rules have changed over the years, many still remain the same.

Last spring, the class of 2011 found the senior’s crook with only minutes to spare.  This year’s Crook Hunt will begin on Wednesday April 13th and will wrap up the following week on Wednesday April 20th.

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