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1995 for 2-2-15

Students are working hard to get their summer and fall study abroad applications turned into the Study Abroad Office today! Compared to a national average of 9%, 31% of Meredith students participate in study abroad.

Pictured above is Rene Cloer while visiting a village in the Swiss Alps when she studied abroad in 1995.

Photo of the Week: American Girl in Paris

Over the next several months, we will be following Natalie Riddick, ’12, as she travels through France, England, Italy, Australia, Spain and Los Angeles with Meredith College’s inaugural Fashion on the Move program.  Led by Dr. Diane Ellis, a group of ten Meredith students will spend their fall semester abroad learning about fashion in other cultures and counties.

Natalie has been gracious enough to share her blog with the alumnae community so that we may read along and experience Europe through her blog posts.  Once or twice a month, Natalie will write into Beyond the Back Gate as a student contributor.  She will share her stories, lessons learned and best of all.. her pictures!  If you all have any questions for Natalie or if you would like to hear about anything specific, please feel free to comment on the blog posts and we will do our best to get in touch with her!

To get us started off, we are featuring Natalie and two of her roommates for our photo of the week:

Ashley Amber Durand, ’12, Brittany Blake Evans,’12 and Natalie Riddick, ’12 at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Photo of the Week!

Meredith students visiting Moulin Rouge in Paris, France during their study abroad trip in the 2000s.

Photo of the Week!

Laura Williams, ’04 traveled to New Zeland for study abroad during her time at Meredith College.

Photo of the Week!

Jessica Walsh, ’01, visits Australia on her study abroad trip.

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