60% Giving Participation Challenge


The Class of 2015 has challenged faculty and staff in a giving competition! Watch the Class of 2015 vs. Faculty & Staff video to see the fun and excitement sweeping campus. Last year, faculty and staff achieved 60% giving participation to Meredith. This year, the Class of 2015 believes they can reach 60% giving participation BEFORE the faculty and staff. It’s GAME ON….all for Meredith College!

The Meredith Fund: End of Year Update & Meredith Mayhem Winners Announced


Meredith College now has a 20% alumnae donor participation rate! Thank you to everyone who contributed this year – each of you made a difference for Meredith College. In addition, faculty and staff giving is at 50%! These numbers will make a huge difference for the College, by giving us an advantage when we apply for grants from corporations and foundations.


 I am pleased to announce that the Class of 2012 is our Meredith Mayhem Winner for 2013! Woot! They exceeded their goal by the greatest percentage. Their class year will be printed on our Mayhem Golden Corn trophy, which will live in the parlor of the Alumnae House in a place of honor, and they will be invited to dinner at the Massey House with President Allen.

Here’s how the top ten shook out:

Rank         Class Year

1.               Class of 2012

2.               Class of 1950

3.               Class of 1953

4.               Class of 1970

5.               Class of 1956

6.               Class of 2003

7.               Class of 1982

8.               Class of 1977

9.               Class of 1973

10.             Class of 1986


Greatest Alumnae Participation Overall – Class of 1954 with 65.8%

Greatest Number of Donors Overall – Class of 1977 with 102

Greatest Number of New Donors – Class of 2010 with 9 (A new donor is someone who has never given as an alumna before this fiscal year. We excluded the Class of 2012, since ALL their donors were new.)

We will have prizes for the donors in each winning class, so look for a special Meredith treat in your mailboxes in the weeks to come.


-Erin E. Cleghorn, Director, The Meredith Fund

919-760-8060 | cleghorn@meredith.edu

The Meredith Fund Updates

We’re excited and proud to report that the Class of 2013 has reached 40% participation for their Senior Class Gift! Forty-four members of the Class of 2013 have already joined the Ivy Society – which is fantastic.  Congratulations and big thanks to the Class of 2013!

We’re also excited to tell you all that Faculty and Staff giving to Meredith has reached 45%. This is HUGE! Thank you to the faculty & staff of Meredith College!

It’s great to know that current students, faculty and staff are supporting Meredith College.

Additionally, the top ten classes participating in the Meredith Mayhem after week seven are as follows:

1. Class of 2012
2. Class of 1950
3. Class of 1970
4. Class of 1953
5. Class of 2003
6. Class of 1977
7. Class of 1957
8. Class of 1963
9. Class of 1960
10. Class of 1946
10. Class of 1961

Job well done to these alumnae classes!  Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support of Meredith College!

Please continue to encourage your classmates to make their gift to the annual fund before the end of this fiscal year (which ends on June 30, 2013).  Our alumnae giving percentage is currently at 14%.  Help us to meet our goal of 20% for the 2012-2013 year. Our percentage from the 2011-2012 year was 18.3%.  The chat below shows Meredith College in comparison to our peer institutions.  Every gift counts — no matter the size! 


To make your gift to the Meredith Fund today, please click here

Meredith Mayhem & March Madness Event Recap

The Meredith Young Alumnae Board held its Meredith Mayhem and March Madness Kickoff at Tobacco Road on March 14th.  Alumnae and guests gathered to watch Maryland and Wake Forest in the ACC Tournament.  However, basketball was not the only madness on people’s minds, this event also celebrated the kick-off of Meredith Mayhem.  There was food, door prizes, competition, and of course, fun!  The Class of 2003 definitely had the most alumnae in attendance; they must be excited about their upcoming reunion!

For Meredith Mayhem, each class has a unique participation goal which is based on their past giving record.  The class that meets and exceeds its goal by the largest percentage will win Mayhem.  There will be first, second, and third places. In the event of a tie, the class that has raised the most dollars would win.  Meredith Mayhem is still going on so make sure your classmates have made their gifts!

To celebrate Meredith Mayhem at the event, the Young Alumnae Board had great door prizes from local vendors.  Every attendee received a raffle ticket for a chance to win a door prize and members of the Ivy Society were given an extra ticket.  The Ivy Society is a new giving society just for young alumnae: a contribution of $10 recurring monthly is all it takes to join.

The Meredith Young Alumnae Board hopes to see you at their next event – Tea and Doll Tour on April 28th from 2-4 in the Johnson Hall Rotunda. Be on the lookout for more information soon!

-Sarah Wilson Collins, ’05




Class of ’55 Meredith Mayhem Winners Brunch


On Saturday, Feb 2, the Class of 1955 was honored at the Massey House to celebrate their 2012 Meredith Mayhem victory! They won the class giving competition with a participation rate of 53.7%. Class members enjoyed brunch with Dr. Jo Allen ’80. Meredith Mayhem starts again on February 27. Will your class give the ladies of 55 a challenge this year?

Congratulations to the Class of 1955!

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