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This week on campus you’ll find the class of 2014, rakes and flashlights in hand, in search of the infamous crook.  This year’s Crook Hunt started yesterday morning on campus.  This group of students (pictured above) was searching high and low around the Mae Grimmer Alumnae House!

The Crook Hunt was started in 1906 by Caroline Bury Phelps, a drama professor at Meredith.

Photo of the Week!

On Saturday May 7th, the current Meredith College seniors will celebrate Class Day with their lil sis class.  The tradition will continue as the class of 2013 builds two daisy chains in honor of the class of 2011.  At 4pm the sophomores will march down the steps of McIver amphitheater dressed in white and carrying the two massive daisy chains which will later form the number eleven on the island of the amphitheater.

In this shot from 1960s, the sophomore class (class of 1968) is seen assembling the daisy chain for their big sis class.

Photo of the Week!

This week’s photos were taken from the 2005 edition of the Oak Leaves.  The unnamed students celebrate their class’ 105th night, a special event marking 105 days until graduation.  The tradition changed slightly last year when the class of 2010 decided to push the event to the spring semester.  They celebrated 10th night rather than 110th night.  The tradition continues as this year’s senior class celebrates 11th night on April 27th in the McIver Amphitheater.

The caption from the Oak Leaves reads: “This year the magic number was 105! Seniors gathered at Exploris in downtown Raleigh to celebrate 105 days until graduation.  A slide show of events was shown recapping the events and traditions that the seniors had participated in at Meredith.  Both their big/sis and lil/sis’s joined in on the celebration of their upcoming graduation.”

Photo of the Week!

Crook Hunt is one of Meredith’s oldest and longest running traditions.  The 1934-1935 Student Handbook (shown above) was the first to publish rules, though the tradition began years earlier in 1906.  Although some of the rules have changed over the years, many still remain the same.

Last spring, the class of 2011 found the senior’s crook with only minutes to spare.  This year’s Crook Hunt will begin on Wednesday April 13th and will wrap up the following week on Wednesday April 20th.

What to do with all of those Meredith College t-shirts!?

Courtney Cooke, a 2009 Meredith graduate, recently sent our office an email about a very special Christmas gift that she received from her mother.  We loved the idea so much that we just had to share it with you all!  Enjoy!



“As you know, I accumulated quite a few t-shirts in my time at Meredith (over 30 to be exact), all of which I treasure.  Most of my extensive collection sat carefully folded in boxes because at this point in time I mostly wear my ‘Meredith College Alumna’ shirts.  One afternoon, my mother casually mentioned that she had been dreaming up an idea which would allow me to keep and display my collection of college t-shirts.  So, I grabbed my box of t-shirts and told her to ‘go for it’.

On Christmas morning, after all of the other gifts had been opened, I saw one remaining package with my name on it.  As I began to open the very large and heavy box, I saw one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on.  My mother had taken the designs from each of my t-shirts and created a quilt. Of course, I cried and squealed as I looked at each block; the memories of my four years at Meredith came flooding back into my mind!  Each of my favorite Meredith traditions was represented in this one item.  The quilt was most definitely one of the best gifts I have ever received!”

– Courtney Cooke, ’09


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